@JDSportsGroup 2 months Review

23 avril 2011

TOTAL   242W175L2T      57,00%

ReturnOnInvestment   10,83%

8 UNIT TOTAL    1W 0L    100,00%

6 UNIT TOTAL    3W 3L    50,00%

5 UNIT TOTAL    1W 0L    100,00%

4 UNIT TOTAL    28W 20L 1 T        58,00%

3 UNIT TOTAL    13W 10L               56,00%

2 UNIT TOTAL    94W 57L 1T         62,00%

1 UNIT TOTAL    102W 85L1T        54,00%

Average Bet is 2 Units. 1,95 Unit

+144  Units

As you can see the results are still very good. We got over 400 games now and every figure looks great.

After one month and over 200 the results were: 58% win, ROI 13%. + 87.5 Units.

As you can see the winning % is the same but the ROI and the units won are a little bit under.

Don’t be wrong there, it is sill great results, just a little bit less amazing.



The unit management, the profit made following the unit advised for each pick is always above the profit I would have made if I had bet 2 units (which is the average bet).



If I had to pick one weakness in JDS work, it might be the lack of big units picks.

Only 5 picks over 4 units in 2 months, so if you are looking to big swing, it is not the service you need.

But if you are looking for consistent win no losing streak and building up your bankroll. JDS service is definitely a valuable one; there is no luck there, only consistent winning pick with a solid bankroll management.

@JDSportsGroup spreadsheet:

@JDSportsGroup 2 months Review xls jdsports.xls


April 22nd Results

23 avril 2011

Hi everyone.

Sorry about the lack of action but once again nothing happened yesterday.

My gambling spirit is missing action!



Bet Boston Celtics (+3.5) for 5 units at Knicks W

Bet Orlando Magic (-1.5) for 6 units at Hawks L

Bet Los Angeles Lakers (-4.5) for 4 units at Hornets W

Bet Under 191.5 for 4 units Celtics at Knicks L

Bet Texas Rangers -1,5 (+125) for 2 units at Royals W

3W2L + 1 Unit


2* Celtics / Knicks Under 191.5 L

3* Magic / Hawks Under 181 W

2* Chicago Cubs +100 @dodgers L

2* Philadelphia Phillies -130  W

2W2L + 1 Unit



TEX -170 1.2 Units W

COL 2.75 Units L

ARI .5 Units L

MIL 3 Units W

Adding LAA -105 3 units L

Oak vs Sea « NO » -140 (.5 Units) W

3W3L -1,55 Unit



Cubs +102  (1unit) L

Magic -1.5 1unit L

Angels -105  1unit L

Rangers -165  2units W

Arizona +112   1unit L

Brewers -210    1unit W

Rockies -109    1unit L

2W5L -2 Units

April 21st Results

22 avril 2011

Hi everyone.

Small winning night last night.

Nothing in particular, every capper got a small win or loss…waiting for a big weekend.

Tomorrow I will be writing the 2 months review of @JDSportsGroup…2months of picks is definitely enough to judge the value of the service.


@KazEdge Decent winning night thanks to a good unit selection. Hope the NBA cappers got a bonus and the MLB capper got fired, lol! NBA3W-0L / MLB 0W 3L.

Bet Dallas Mavericks (+6) for 5 units at Trail Blazers W

Bet Miami Heat (-4.5) for 6 units Miami Heat at 76ers W

Bet Indiana Pacers (+5) for 4 units @Bulls W

Bet Under 8.5 for 3 units Diamondbacks at Reds L

Bet Under 8 for 4 units White Sox at  Rays L

Bet Under 9 for 5 units Pirates at Marlins L

3W3L + 3 Units


@JDSportsGroup Small winning night thanks to a good unit selection. But we need big profitable nights now.

Cards (2.5 units) @nationals -157 W

Atlanta (1unit) @dodgers +130 L

Marlins -135 (3units) @pirates W

Astros +125 (1unit) @mets L

Indians -110  (1unit) @royals L

Mariners -150  (1unit) @athletics W

Bulls -4  (2units) @pacers T

Heat -2.5 1st Half (2units) @76ers L

3W4L1T + 1 Unit


@SportsAnalytics Small win, not a lot at steak, only 3 Units bet.

Cardinals (-170) – 2 units @nationals W

Braves (+119) – 1 unit @dodgers L

1W1L + 1 Unit


@NBATotalsSystem It’s been almost a month now, and we’re exactly even, 0 unit loss, 0 won…We need something to happen.

2* Bulls / Pacers Over 189 L

2* Arizona Diamondbacks +115 L

2* Philadelphia Phillies -110 @padres W

1W2L – 2 Units

April 20th Results

21 avril 2011

Hi everyone.

It’s been a while since that happened; everybody was on the edge last night.

+11 Units, it really seemed like eternity.

We want more.

Feel free to give me advice (here or on twitter @Roccinho) about the blog, the tracks, the reviews. I’ll be happy to improve it.

Thanks guys.


@NBATotalsSystem Great night. Could be the start of a hot streak…I would take it!

2* Nuggets / Thunder Under 207 W

2* Hornets / Lakers Over 187.5 L

2* Tampa Bay Rays -120 @White Sox W

2* Baltimore Orioles -130 @Twins W

2* Cleveland Indians -115 @Royals W

4W1L + 6 Units


@JDSportsGroup Good night, could have been great with 75%W, but only +3U because of the loss on the 3Units pick.

R.Sox (2units) @athletics -105 W

Rockies (1unit) @giants W

Hornets +11.5 (1unit) @lakers W

Grizzlies +8.5 (2units) @spurs W

Capitals -110 (1unit)@rangers W

Orioles under 8.5 (2units) @Twins L

Indians (1unit) @royals -105 W

ATL -140 (3 Units) @dodgers L

6W2L + 3 Units


@KazEdge Just above average night. For once the unit selection was not great.

Bet Oakland Athletics (-105) for 4 units @Boston Red Sox L

Bet New York Yankees (-114) for 3 units at Blue Jays W

Bet Under 205.5 for 3 units Nuggets at Thunder W

Bet Texas Rangers (-115) for 3 units at Angels L

Bet Memphis Grizzlies (+8.5) for 4 units at  Spurs W

Bet New Orleans Hornets (+11.5) for 5 units  at Lakers W

Bet Over 187.5 for 6 units Hornets at Lakers L

4W3L + 2 Units


@SportsAnalytics Took a night of to refocus.

Good idea…+ 1 Unit. lol.

@SportsAnalytics 1st week spreadsheet.

21 avril 2011

I forgot to put it yesterday in the Review.
Here is the spreadsheet with all the picks of @SportsAnalytics first week.
@SportsAnalytics 1st week spreadsheet. xls mesa.xls